Rivals releases February 15, Dice Binders are here.

We should have the Rivals draft set in stock on February 15. Also be on the lookout for release events in your area as there are release events promos for Rivals.

The dice binders are here and in stock. They hold dice well but it's also pretty easy to pull them out. It's not like the starter plastic trays at all. You should click here to check out this video review. It can easily hold all the dice for 2 or 3 decks but there's only space for about 35 sleeved cards in the deck box. It can work well to carry decks around if you also bring a deck box. But I think it shines as a trade binder for your legendaries and notable rares.

Legacies is here

Legacies is here
I've put up limited quantities of the Legacies singles. I only got the boxes yesterday so I haven't had much time to open products. If a card you want is out of stock please check again later or sign up for back in stock notification, more will be added during the next week. Prices are likely to fluctuate as well, so keep an eye out for bargains.

Legacies is coming

Legacies is coming

Canadian stores will be allowed to start selling Legacies sealed products and singles on January 12. I'll try my best to have something up at midnight.

As I don't know how much products I'll get nothing is available for pre-orders but the singles have been added to the site. Feel free to sign up for "back in stock" notification on any of the legacies single to be the first to know when the new cards are in stock.


I added a calendar to this site so people can easily track all the SW:D events in the Ottawa / Gatineau region, there's a Facebook group but for those that don't want to use Facebook it can be easier to just look up a calendar. 

I highly recommend you look up your local group if you haven't already. This post has a list of local Facebook groups or you can just search for it. It's the best way to find a place where people are meeting to play.

Legend of the Five Rings

Legend of the Five Rings

I didn't like that FFG kept the current LCG distribution model for L5R so I figured I'd do something about it. Clan loyalty has been an historical component of old5R and really who wants to have Crane cards with their awesome clan cards? So I'm breaking up the core set cards for each clan so if you want to skimp and only buy 1 or 2 core sets at your FLGS and still get a playset of your clan cards this is a good answer for you.

This is a softlaunch, if it sells I'll buy more cores. Also expect the price to fluctuate based on demand so right now all the clan packs are the same price (except Unicorn starts at a bargain) but the prices will change.

And finally the game launches October 5th so if you buy these early understand that they will only ship October 5th.

If you're only buying one pack you'll be able to get this shipped by snail mail (letter mail) in Canada.

Price drop

I just want to say that I've just finished revising prices, most of them downward.

Have a good day and may the force be with your rolls!

Empire At War and some Two Player Game singles now in stock!

Empire At War and some Two Player Game singles now in stock!

I've been busy opening boxes and doing the data entry to add these new cards to the site.

For the next few days I'll only make two of each card available at once. I don't want one person grabbing all the copies of a card. This gives more people a chance to buy the new cards. If a card is out of stock please check again later that day, it should go back in stock within a few hours.

Getting ready for Empire at War

Getting ready for Empire at War

Boxes of Empire at War are now available for pre-order. We're getting ready for the release next week!

I don't know if it's going to be good but I'm really looking forward to playing eHera/eMaz/Ezra.

Vacation is over.

So vacation is over, orders will ship on the same or next business day as normal again.

End of summer break, orders will ship after August 21.

This is just to let everyone know any new orders placed as of tomorrow, August 15, will be mailed out on Monday August 21.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and get ready for Empire at War soon!