Across the Galaxy Spoilers (Complete 11/6)

Across the Galaxy Spoilers (Complete 11/6)

Here's a review of the new cards announced for Across the Galaxy the upcoming Star Wars:Destiny expansion releasing in November 2018. This post will be updated as more spoilers are released. I wrote a little review of each card with a score. 1/5 is for cards that are unlikely to see play even in their intended niche, 2/5 could see some play, 3/5 seems like a fair card but it's not going to break the meta, 4/5 is likely to see a lot of play, 5/5 I think the card will be an auto include in it's niche, even if that card is only playable with one character.

Update 11/6 The whole set has been reviewed!

11/6 Remaining grey neutral spoilers

There are some decks that play a lot of specials but unless they really dominates this won't see play. 2/5

This easily gets discarded by a Vandalize and it doesn't have a die of it's own so this doesn't make for a great mod platform. I don't think any of the mods are so good they're worth paying 1 extra for them. I assume this was made so you could play mods in draft. It's slightly better if you have a Hailfire Droid Tank in play. 2/5

I think this is about on par with the Skyhopper 2/5

Automatic damage on activation is really good. Especially if you start readying the vehicle once or twice you're guaranteed to get value each time even if you roll poorly and don't have cards left to reroll. 4/5

You need to invest two ressources to remove the first die it removes. This is a lot less efficient than just using your average event die removal. It'll remain to be seen if the consistency this offers is worth it. 2/5


Obviously this prevents you from using things like the usual Shoto Lightsaber blue weapon package. But you can make a highlander deck with 30 good card with just one color and grey cards. This isn't an auto-include but it open up interesting deck building possibilities. The new Qui-Gon and Yoda for exemple. 3/5

When you don't have a very fast deck which is likely to claim you either bring a battlefield that has an effect on round 1 when you start with it or a battlefield that your opponent is unlikely to get use out of. Like Weapons Factory Alpha, this does both. Plus if you wait to play a vehicle until your opponent claims you're going to keep using this every round. I still think WFA is better but in standard it won't be playable once set 7 comes out. 4/5

Well this fits the requirement of it having an effect on round 1 and non-mill opponent aren't going to get anything out of it when they claim. I think this will be the new standard mill battlefield. 4/5

Vehicles had a little bit of a monopoly on battlefields that gave them value on round 1. Gaining a ressource at ambush speed is really good too so I think it'll see play with neutral characters. 4/5

Another battlefield that's usable on round 1 and often your opponent won't be able to get a use it if they happen to claim it. I think Jeremy is 4/4 on making battlefields that are playable in their niche this expansion. There's no Mos Espa Arena this time. 4/5

11/6 Remaining yellow neutral spoilers


The vast majority of the time there's not going to be two copies of a non-unique die in somebody's pool. It's just too situational. 2/5

I thought All In was best when you have a focus die in your pool so you can use the focus and use the turned die in the same action. So if you're running L3-37 with some other yellow character this is worth considering. 3/5

Just a worse version than He Doesn’t Like You. If you're removing a die to remove a die you usually want yours to be a blank or something weak. Indirect isn't great in the early game but it's not as bad as people say especially if it's 2 indirect which is what's most common. In most deck people will spread the indirect damage around all of their characters. 2/5

Since you can't play this where it would net you a ressource gain I don't see this seeing a ton of play unless the X-Wing meta is rampant and the game devolves into discarding X-Wing with anything possible. 2/5

For those times you rolled a resource but your opponent has a disrupt showing. The majority of the time you can just either wait for the opponent to reroll his disrupt of accept that you're trading a die for a die. Another situational card that probably isn't impactful enough to warrant a deck slot. 2/5

This could see play with the new vehicle battlefield but it's likely that battlefield won't see play until Weapons Factory Alpha rotates. 3/5

11/6 Remaining red neutral spoilers

This looks overpowered at first glance but really it's not that much better than Overkill. I mean it is better but the cannon does have a drawback that will probably more significant than most people think it will be. This is still a very good card. It'll fit into a lot of decks. This could see some play in vehicle decks, it's not like they're using their upgrade slots anyways.4/5

Equivalent to the DH-17 but it's a mod upgrade and you get the free roll in. I think this will be included most of the time in mod decks. 4/5

At the very worse you could use the power action to his the die from this card as a focus. At best you get 2 focus and you turn one of your blank into a focus. If you make a mod deck you're looking to ready your vehicle and roll in a lot of dice multiple times. The focus from this will probably help get a use out of all of those dice when they roll poorly. 4/5

I think this plot is what can make a mod deck work. If you start the game with Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 and this then you can pay for the two best mod platforms, the Firespray and the Shadowcaster with your starting ressources. It lets you run a mod deck with just one vehicle in your deck. The rest of your ressource can all be sunk into Ciena's action after the vehicle is loaded up. Or you could play this with Aphra to play Hailfire Droid Tank as your first vehicle and then every cheap vehicle you play for the rest of the game is dealing a free damage. Starting the game with a Lightsaber Pull for vehicle shouldn't be underestimated. 5/5

Getting to use a mod a second time is good but it's usually going to be pretty low impact. 2/5

Another great card to put into a Rex deck or a fast deck that usually claims. Basically if you usually control the battlefield and you're red, play this. 5/5

Concentrate is strictly better than this. Usually your blanks are the most worthwhile to pay to turn and it's not exciting to turn a blank into a 1. You also can't turn to a special. 1/5

This isn't something you'll play mono red for but 2 damage is a ressource is fine. It'll often sit in your hand but when you play it to defeat an opponent's character that otherwise wouldn't have died this round you'll be happy. 2/5

I think Nature's Charm is usually better because even in a mono red deck you'll still end up with just 1 character in the end game. This card is fine but you're not going to make a 4 character mono red deck to play this. 2/5

This should actually be pretty good in the late deck for a mod deck but this is garbage in the early game so I don't think this will make the cut. 2/5

You need at least 2 copies of a support for this to be playable. Really this is only worth playing if you play the new Tie Fighters. Even then, I think it's easier to get 5 of any blue upgrades for The Power of the Force to effectively work as a +4 on a die showing a value of 1. And that rarely sees play. 2/5

11/4 Remaining blue neutral spoilers

This is better than Awakenings since you could resolve several modifier dice of the same symbol with it. But that's a pretty low bar. It's too bad that it's not a blue upgrade, it would have synergized better with The Power of the Force. 2/5

AT-DP but more playable. At least the special can deal damage if there's no target in play and there's two special dice. But it doesn't do anything against the two better mod platforms since they cost 4. In the end the gain has to be huge for disruption to be better than actually playing toward your own game plan. 2/5

This one you wouldn't even consider putting in play against the wrong deck. Spending 3 ressources to discard a chance cube is just not worth it. And you need several ability upgrades in play for this to be effective as well. Most of the time when this would be effective you'll either no roll the special or the opponent will reserve a dice control for this. 2/5

I think the best place for this is with Plo-Koon / Padawan / Padawan. That deck usually wins when they have 3 two cost upgrades round 1. Even if it doesn't draw you a weapon it gets you closer to drawing one the next round. This makes it more likely to happen. Otherwise it's a Shoto Lightsaber with a slightly better die but without the activation ability. 4/5

You very rarely want to remove a die with a value of 1 so this really will only be usable to remove dice with values of 3. A lot like Easy Pickings, sure a lot of the time it's a dead card but when you do get to remove a 3 ressource chance cube or 3 damage it's very impactful. 4/5

So I've already written that draw cards are only good in combo decks. If you played this in a combo deck you'd need at a minimum 3 blue characters for this to be worth using and I don't think playing this would be worth sacrificing the draw cards from either red or yellow. 1/5

Defensive stance or Lightsaber Throw with a free reroll are fine effects. But when you need 2 damage to finish off a character or you need 2 shields to get your character to survive you don't want to take a chance. 2/5

Paying a resource to remove a die is good. Paying a resource and giving the opponent a ressource is terrible. Even if you get to do it 3 times. 1/5

I can't think of any upgrade with a play effect so good you'd want to spend a card and a ressource to play it again. If you want to use an upgrade twice you could just use Equip to move it to a ready character. And that's not good enough to play. 1/5

For a mono blue deck this is usually either Isolation or Use the Force for a character die. The flexibility is nice. 3/5

If it becomes a mill meta this plot has very little drawback. Also the extra point should usually net you an extra health as well so you should really only be giving away 1 health for what should be some slightly stronger characters. 3/5

If you could put a lot of cards like Our Only Hope in your deck then this would be worth using. 2/5

11/4 Remaining yellow hero spoilers

Boushh/Yoda or Honda/Yoda are likely to be very similar decks. The question is if access to 5 yellow villain cards are better than having a third copy of two cards with Double Down and how popular 3 wide vehicle decks will remain. 4/5

I think this is a pretty good upgrade with Yoda. Gain a ressource, turn, gain a ressource, turn and resolve for at least 2 damage. 4/5

2 blanks plus a modifier side means it's likely you'll need a reroll on this half the time this is rolled in. But this is still a card to keep in mind if your deck has 3 or 4 characters and a dozen ambush cards to trigger this ability once or twice a round. 3/5

If you're spending a ressource to redirect damage you'd always be better off just spending a ressource to prevent or heal damage. 1/5

This is a strong effect at the cost of just a card and an action but it's just hard to fit cards like this into any deck. 2/5

Significantly worse than Strategic Planning for supports. On characters I don't think it's any better. Ahsoka was never great. There just needs to be more upgrades without dice that have an effect on activation for this and Ahsoka's ability to be good. 1/5

Unyielding but only for melee in yellow but you're limited to two dice. The only upside is that you get to distribute the damage, which will usually get you an extra 1 damage at most. 2/5

This is a very low impact card. 1/5

A lot of characters are have 3 damage sides so there's a significant chance this becomes online after just rolling in one elite character. But it will be a dead card against mill. 3/5

Being able to move damage around at no ressource cost is good. This is more likely to see play in a deck with a fat character like Sabine where you lose the game if she's defeated. 3/5

If you want to turn the opponent's big supports against him you're better off using Reversal. It works against any damage dice and is effectively removes the opponent's big vehicle dice and uses it for yourself. 1/5

Hit and Run that can be used on any character but requires your deck's battlefield to be in use. I don't think Hit and Run is good enough that you would run it even if it's a dead card half the time. 1/5

Very similar to Fight Dirty but more expensive and it has a chance to fail if all your yellow dice end up not showing damage. 1/5

This is a Tactical Mastery for 0, a Tactical Mastery and Ancient Wisdom combined or Ancient Wisdom for 0. These would be great if you could choose, but it's your opponent that chooses. 2/5

Anything that can net you 2 ressource gain for one card is worth considering but there are less situational economy cards. 2/5

11/2 Remaining red hero spoilers

I think this is a solid character for a vehicle deck. Health equal to point cost, focus and ressources are also good sides for a vehicle deck. To draw a card most of the time with this card your deck needs at least 8 mods, that is a lot but it's doable. Two of these with Ezra and Anakin would be a vehicle deck with 30 health, a decent amount of resource generation and draw. 4/5


Getting to distribute damage around your characters for a round is nice in a 3-4 wide deck. 3/5

If your opponent is nice enough to wait for you to roll in the dice you want to turn and also wait for you to have a focus side showing on one of my dice before resolving his dice then this works. It'll rarely work. Just play concentrate if you want to turn your dice. 1/5

For those times when you a Force Throw showing special and nothing worth using it on. You would need a deck with a lot of that type of effect for it to be worth using. 2/5

So long as you have another character that is likely to survive the round you get to fully heal a character. Endless Rank only costs 1 more, it's less situational and it still doesn't see much play. 1/5

It's rare that you want to use the exhaust half of Strategic Planning but when you do it's as your first action of the round before the opponent has a chance to activate that vehicle. So even if you're against the match up where this is supposed to work it'll rarely be good. 1/5

So long as you control the battlefield this is a Pinned Down with bonus effects. I think this is a card to consider for a Rex vehicle deck. 3/5

11/1 Remaining blue hero spoilers

I think this is a decent pairing with old Luke. Usually you can mitigate the fact that your upgrades don't have redeploy by not playing the upgrades on the character that is being focused. With old Luke if his partner is being focused that means not using his ability and then at that point he's just a pretty weak character. With the Mystic you're always free to move abilities to him. Now there just needs to be better ability upgrades and these might make for a good deck. 3/5

It's crazy that they print this card after doing an errata on Heat of Battle. Concentrate for 2 on the new Qui-Gon's dice and now you have 8 (10 if you won shields) damage showing round 1 and your dice roll don't matter. That's the same as what the old 5 dice villain did with Heat of Battle. And I don't mean to say I think Barriss is too strong, it's more that I really don't think Heat of Battle warranted an errata. 4/5

That's a lot of modifier and pay sides. And the power action is probably only great if this die is on it's 2 shield side. But then you're still left with a die showing a 2 shield pay side. 1/5

This is better at resolving modifier melee dice than Awakenings, at least you have 1/3 chance of dealing damage with it. Rey's training staff used to see play just for that purpose. This is also a great target for The Power of the Force in a mono blue deck that can get a lot of upgrades into play quickly like Plo-Koon / Padawan Padawan. It's still a card that has 4 blanks most of the time so I don't expect this to be staple. 2/5

This is a mediocre upgrade unless it's ability is triggered. Usually you don't want to be playing an upgrade on a character that is being targeted. 1/5

If you're running a 3-4 wide you usually play a lot of upgrades that have redeploy inherently. If you only have 2 characters redeploy is usually not relevant. You know which character is being targeted and you play upgrades on the other character. Often you already have 3 upgrades on the left over character by the time the first one is defeated. 1/5

You need to have 3 upgrades on a character for this to be better than Defensive Stance. It so happen that the new Qui-Gon makes all of your upgrades better when he has 3 shields and cheap upgrades make it likely that you'll be able to get the full value out of the card. It could see some play in that deck. 3/5

Considering that grey is a color there are very few decks where this can't be used. Most of the time this is going to be a better Entangle. But it having the potential to be a dead card knocks it down a peg, it'll depend on the meta. 3/5

An effect that says "can't lose to damage this round" is extremely strong. It is very situational but the effect might be powerful enough when it does go off that it's worth using. 3/5

This is a combo deck card. You lose out on 1 card but you get to dig 2 cards deep for your combo. I think this will be an auto-include in an X-Wing deck. 5/5

If the new Vader dominates the field this is more likely to see play but this is so extremely situational this is extremely unlikely to see play. A conditional Take Cover is just not that great. 2/5

If you want to check the opponent's hand you can just play Friends in low places and you usually get to discard a card from their hand at the same time. Looking at the top card is rarely useful unless you get to move that card as well. 1/5

Hero gets a usually weaker unyielding as you only get to resolve one die. Unblockable damage is only relevant if you finish off the character, if the shields end up preventing damage afterward than this did nothing. 2/5

I'm not a fan of seeing more good mill card getting printed. It's a fine control card to run as mill. I expect this to almost always see play in mill. 4/5


11/1 Remaining grey villain spoilers

High cost characters are typically vulnerable to dice removal so this plot helps with that weakness a bit. It's usually hard to fit a 1 point plot when you have a 20+ point character, other than for Palpatine. 4/5


11/1 Remaining yellow villain spoilers

Very similar to Arena of Death, this scales with the number of defeated characters you have. Since the character this is on most likely only has one character die this gets good when you have 2 or more characters that have been defeated. I think this is worth considering in 4 wide decks. 3/5

A better Stun Batton. Dice control from permanents is still risky as you need to have this die in your pool showing melee during the action window when the opponent is showing you a character die you want to remove. At least this one works on 3 of it's sides, so it's a lot easier to set up than Chopper for exemple. 3/5

LL-30 blaster pistol but with ambush that can't be abused by Cad Bane. Redeploy is important enough for 3-4 wide decks that this is very likely to see play in those. 4/5

Play this before killing a character with Second Chance and you've probably won the game right there. It's a card to keep in mind if hero mill makes a resurgence but since it's a dead card in many match ups this is unlikely to see regular play. 2/5

I think this works best in a deck that has a lot of 0 cost events, that way you're likely to be able to get some value out of it even if you spent all of your ressources playing this. I can think of some gimmicky combinations like for exemple if you're playing Qi'Ra and have Long Con as your 3x from Double Down this could net you a lot of profit ressources. 3/5

Extremely situational cards like this would require a very specific meta to be playable and you're likely to play something that discards supports instead of something that just exhausts them. 2/5

Removing a die for 0 resource is very good but needing a disrupt symbol showing is a steep requirement. He doesn't like you is a great card but we've all had it in our hand on a round where the opponent goes first and you don't have a chance to activate something to use it. Shakedown is significantly more likely not to become online until it's too late to be used. 2/5

If your opponent is spending 2 ressources and a card to make you discard 2 cards and 2 indirect damage he's loosing more than what he's taking away from you. 1/5

This is possibly the weakest card in the set. 15th pick in draft. 1/5

If you're playing any of the characters that steal opponent's ressource your opponent is likely to empty his ressource pool to prevent you from stealing them. This should usually be included in those decks. 3/5

Against most decks this will reroll an opponent's die, which is an effect that usually costs 0 ressource, and deal 1 damage. 1/5

If you want some damage from hand, Backup Muscle will deal more damage more reliably than this the vast majority of the time. 1/5

11/1 Remaining red villain spoilers

As we know with Mother Talzin, a free focus is a powerful effect. I don't know in which list this character fits but I think he's pretty good. 4/5

I wouldn't expect him and Thrawn to be top tier since they might be really good at discarding the opponent's hand but there's very little actually mill in red villain. Also being the same point cost as Snoke and Arihnda makes it really unlikely he'll see play as a support character to a damage character. It's probably best if this type of character isn't too good as it's just not fun to have your hand taken away from you. 2/5

A lot like Flank, while it's in your hand you can usually figure out a line of play where you can play this but sometimes it'll be a dead card. 3/5

This effectively lets you use a vehicle and it's mod twice in a round but you have to get lucky on the first initial roll to be worth it. I'm not a fan of cards that require you to god roll to be good. Also if you want to use a vehicle a second time, I think the most effective way is just to play Ciena. 2/5

Are you playing mill with a character that has a 2 discard side? If so I think you'll often play this. 3/5

I think the kind of deck that will play it will usually turn on the remove a die part pretty quickly. The question is will the second part happen often enough that it's worth running a dice removal card that isn't usable at the beginning of a round. 3/5

If you have 4 of the new Tie Fighters in play this is some pretty good value but cards that are dead in the early game just don't see play. Lightsaber Training is easier to get off and it rarely sees play. 2/5

This is another very niche card. You need to have already looked at the opponent's hand and you need to have a discard showing. It's a lot of setup and the opponent will have opportunities to play the card you want to discard before you get to discard it from his hand. 2/5

A bigger Unpredictable for a resource. Some decks just want to cheat out damage as much as possible and this is another way of doing it. I think these kinds of cards are over rated but they're still good. 3/5

If you're playing a card that only has 1 really good side for it's cost you better be running it with characters that have a lot of focus. Luckily Snoke is the character of choice for villain vehicle decks. I think this will see a lot of play if 3-4 wide are popular in the meta. 4/5

Another card that depends on the meta. I'm not sure this one is worth spending a resource on. To me it feels like a weaker Improvised Defense. At best you make the opponent waste his Dooku and Talzin abilities and turn his focuses into blanks for a round. I don't think that's impactful enough even against it's intended target that it's worth spending a deck slot on. 2/5

11/1 Remaining blue villain spoilers

Characters with more health than their cost always warrant some attention. I think he's fine but nothing flashy. 3/5

He's got some pretty crazy stats for his point cost. 3 damage for a resource keeps showing up on lower cost characters. But only having 2 dice side you want to roll usually means a character won't see play. 3/5

Intimidate removes all shields from a character for 0 ressource. The stars really have to align for this card to give you good value for it's cost. There has to be dice in the opponent's pool you want to remove, multiple shields on an opponent's character and you need 3 ressource. 1/5

A new card for Palpatine. I think it'll usually be included with him, a 1 cost card that can fairly reliably remove 2-3 dice is pretty good. 4/5

Sound the alarm doesn't see much play anymore and I think it's a more impactful and reliable 0 cost defensive card. 2/5

A lot of decks, especially villain decks, tend not to have anything that gains them shields so against those match up this is a dead card. Also it doesn't do anything if the shields are already on a character. I think I would play intimidate first and it's very unlikely I'd play it unless the new Qui-Gon is the new meta. 2/5

This card lacks the word "may" to be playable. As it is, you play this and your opponent usually just plays a 0 cost event to get this off of the board with a ressource advantage. If you want to deny a Doubt just play Friends in low places. 1/5

You're increasing the value the opponent is getting from removing your character dice so I don't think this is good on most characters. The only exception I can think of is the new Vader which has built in resilient. Even then a 2 cost upgrade with a potential of dealing 2 extra damage a round feels average. 2/5 

10/31 FFG article spoilers

Biggs is an aggressive character that could find himself a slot in the same type of aggressive vehicle deck as Aayla before her nerf. 4/5

I think this is only playable if you play Poe Dameron but in that deck this is an automatic inclusion. 5/5

Most 1 cost supports tend to not see play because they have a pretty low impact on the game. Here you get to activate this twice on the round it enters play and if that vehicle is Black One you get a free Strategic Planning. I think this is an automatic inclusion if you're running Black One. Especially if you use Armored Reinforcement to guarantee Black One starts in play. 5/5

This can be used to upgrade the new Black One's special for 0 ressource. Once per round Ciena is still good, especially if this can let you roll 2-4 dice now. 4/5

As soon as you have a mod in play it's at least as good as Pinned down. When you have two it's a better Entangle. I don't expect this to show up in a deck that only runs a few mods, but if you're running a mod heavy deck this is an auto-include. 5/5

The two hidden sides are 2 disrupts and 2 shields. When you have 3 mod on this card it's probably the best vehicle in the game. The question is how reliably can you get this in play with multiple supports on it. 4/5

Possibly pretty good in an Aphra vehicle deck. Even if you have to pay 1 resource, a recurring focus is pretty good. 4/5

It feels like one of the few mod upgrades that aren't stronger for their cost than your average regular upgrade. If you play a mod deck it's still going to get in most of the time as you probably just play all the mods. 3/5

It'll remain to be seen if Firespray-31 or Shadowcaster will be the mod platform of choice. I can see either of them seeing play with the new plot Armored Reinforcement as your only vehicle in your deck. Once you have 3 mods on your mod platform you can use any spare resource to ready this with Ciena. 4/5

10/28 Golden Dice Podcast spoilers

I think the value of this character will vary greatly depending on the cost of Nightbrother, which showed up on a picture of a booster box but hasn't been fully spoiled yet. On her own I think she's slightly better than the original Nightsister. Usually paying health instead of a card is a lower cost but not always and she has an extra health. Like all the characters with traits that aren't used yet, she's likely to see a strong spike in power if we see any good card that needs to spot a witch. 3/5

The problem with dice control from permanents is that it's just too unreliable. When someone is showing you a die on it's best side you usually only have one action window to interact with it. Unless the sickle is already in your pool showing melee when the character you're focusing damage on has his dice in the pool, this card's ability won't trigger. This could see play in a deck like Dooku / Talzin. You need a relatively fast deck to take advantage of the ability and not a 3-4 wide that would prefer redeploy from Heirloom Lightsaber. 3/5

General Grievous needs more 1 cost weapons to realistically trigger his power action. Since he's vulnerable to any dice removal he'll probably never see play but any 1 cost weapon brings him closer to being a somewhat playable fun deck. But really this is going to be an auto-include with Mother Talzin. It's frustrating playing her and not having any upgrades you can play round 1 sometimes. There's just not that much competition in the 1 cost upgrade category. 5/5

10/27 I Rebel Podcast spoilers

His dice is very similar to Aayla but at one less health and usually a weaker special I don't think he'll be ever be played unless you also play him with a Clone Trooper. All the character combinations I can think of with him just seem fair, not terrible but nothing that competes with the better characters. If nothing else fans of eRex/Clone Trooper/Clone Trooper can just replace one of the troopers with a non-elite Cody. But really unless they either make some really good cards for troopers and/or leaders I don't think he'll see much play. 2/5

This is no Price of failure or leadership. You'll need to be rolling in at least 6 dice for it to be worth using and I just don't see it happening. If you want to play while your opponent doesn't stick to playing a very fast deck with Hyperspace Jump, it accomplishes basically the same thing but does it for 2 ressources less. 1/5

Deploy squadron did this for supports, Squad Tactics did this for non-unique characters and they both cost zero ressources. The reason they're not seeing play is that they're very situational. Deploy squadron is useful when you're on the last round of the game and you have a ton of supports on the board that you need to use before the opponent finishes your last character off. But when you draw that card early it just doesn't do anything and potential dead cards just don't see play. 1/5

10/23 FFG preview article

Most high cost characters aren't playable because they tend to only have one good dice side for their cost. It's still not going to feel great to resolve the 2 damage or 2 shield sides but this one's bad sides aren't as bad as the usual fatty. Also expensive characters are usually very vulnerable to dice removal. Sabine was only playable in good part because she got to avoid dice removal when she rolled in hot. I think he's going to be a strong tier 2 deck for those looking to play Vader again. 4/5

Unless this is on a Darth Vader, Maul's Lightsaber is probably better even post nerf. But I expect this will almost always be used in a deck that runs a Darth Vader. 4/5

The bonus for having Darth Vader is significant but I just don't see this hitting the table with the new or old versions of Darth Vader. The first one is terrible at generating resources and the other two have pay sides. It's much more likely this will see play with Snoke. It's not a vehicle but rolling this 3 times into your pool on the round you play it is a long stronger than Pirate Speeder Tank. Especially if Ciena gets cut from the deck then this will for sure see play as the vehicle subtype is mostly important for her. 4/5

Basically a Sudden Impact but only for melee with twice the cost but you get the full damage. I think Sudden Impact was an underplayed card, especially if you have a character with 3 indirect damage or a 3 damage pay side. Doubling the cost is pretty significant. I think this will only see some play if 3-4 wides are the norm in the meta. 3/5

This is too situational to be playable, I would play Alter every time instead of this but realistically you just don't play either. Focus from the hand is very overcosted when you can find a 2 focus symbol on a 11 point character (L3-37 bellow) and on several 13 point characters. 1/5

It's nice that there's a defensive card that works against both mill and damage but at 1 card and 1 damage a round I just don't think it's impactful enough. Even with the bonus free draw, it's a Fearless that also puts a card in your deck. Unless there's a combo deck that uses it I don't see it seeing a lot of play. 2/5

A card that turns one of your character into FN-2199 for a round. This is a situational card that can be strong if you can overwrite a big upgrade or just play at least one. But situational cards that are usually dead round 1 rarely make it into decks. 1/5

10/19 Team covenant spoilers

Tobias is a higher point cost Ezra so that's good right? Well he sees play mostly because of his low point cost, there are almost no other characters for 7/10. The competition is much more fierce at 11/15. 3 damage for 1 resource used to go on 16 point cost characters now it's down to 15 but I still think he would be better if he had a 2 damage side with no cost instead of his pay side. The Power Action does prevent the pay side from being a blank most of the time but it's going to feel pretty bad when you give the opponent a ressource and then he uses that resource to pay for a die removal card and takes away what you were about to use. Maybe he's Hondo's new partner but I think Yoda's just better because you get to play two colors. But I've always thought Salvage stand would be pretty great with Hondo and that pairing does enable that so we'll see. 3/5

She's extremely similar to Tobias. They both have a special that steals a resource which does a pretty weak alternate effect if the opponent has no resources. I guess you would run her if you're 1 point short in a list that wants to run Tobias. 3/5

If you're playing a deck that constantly forces the opponent to spend their ressource or lose them this is likely to be a 3 cost upgrade with 2 sides that deal 3 damage for free. I think it's pretty solid, I expect it'll almost always be played in a Tobias deck. 4/5

I already hate this card. And no, it's not going to be used to play 3 Force Illusion or another good but relatively fair card. It's always going to be abused with cards that scale exponentially in power the more copies you have of it in your deck. I already commented on X-Wing bellow saying that you could build a deck that draws you most of your cards and then play out 3-4 X-Wing round 1. Now imagine if you have 5 X-Wing and 3 Long Con in your deck. I think you're almost guaranteed to end your round 1 with about a dozen card in your hand, no deck and 5 X-Wing in play.

I think this is an issue on the scale of Outer Rim Smuggler, which received an errata before he was even released. But this time they need to nerf the enabler cards. Award ceremonyDon't Get CockyRenewed Purpose are never used in a normal deck. They're always used to convert the cards in your deck into ressources. For exemple if you spend 1 resource and 1 card to draw 4 cards, one of which is a Truce or a Well-Connected or your 2nd Long Con then you've gained a net advantage. Burning your whole deck might seem bad but if you've made infinite resources, set up a hyperloop, play a Salvo on a Launch Bay with 13+ cards in hand or have 5 X-Wing in play then not having a deck isn't relevant.

Basically anytime you can do something ridiculously strong with 5-8 resources a combo deck that draw their deck round 1 is going to come up. You can't both have cards that generate you resources and then other cards that draw you more cards. It's like having Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, Time Walk and no limit to how many copies of a card you can play in a deck. Sure, you killed the opponent with 7 lightning bolts but is it really the bolts that are the issue or what enabled you to play them on the first turn? Yes, that was actually a deck you could build in the Magic: The Gathering video game (1997). And if draw cards aren't good enough to be played when used in non-abusive ways then I suggest they get rid of the draw cards. Just ban them or errata them all. It's going to affect exactly 0 currently played deck to see these cards gone and it's going to prevent more ridiculous round 1 OTK in the future.

But until then Double Down combo decks are likely to be the new meta. 5/5

10/19 Knights of Ren Podcast spoilers

Considering Ciena has an incredible action for vehicles decks and those decks need to find room for a yellow character and Snoke then I don't know if this guy finds a place. But if he does end up seeing play in a vehicle deck then most of the new vehicle mod cards are going to stay firmly in your binder. Mod decks are going to be looking to build a tower of 3 mods on a 2 resources vehicle that they'll then ready with Ciena or Strategic Plannic. Something that can kill that tower by sacrificing just a little bit of damage makes for an unwinnable match up. An ability that's either a blank or automatically wins you a game isn't a good design in my opinion. Hopefully I'm wrong and he'll just see play as a cheaper Veers that you don't even run with vehicles. 4/5

Arguably weaker than First Order Tie Fighter if Mauler isn't in play, this is only going to see play if you play Mauler. But if you are playing him and it's a vehicle deck then I'm pretty sure you'll run usually run two copies of this even if it's unique. 4/5


Yellow character only. Action - Resolve this die's melee side as if it was indirect with a value 1 higher.

I'm always wary of upgrades with 3 bad sides, 2 ok ones and only one good side. And the yellow character only is a big restriction. Yellow isn't the best at focusing dice so you'll probably have to actually roll that one good side. 2/5

Spot 2 red characters to return 1 weapon on up to 2 characters to their owner's hand.

I don't foresee vehicle or mill getting out of the meta enough for this to be playable. Drop your weapon saw no play in a FN-2199 meta so I don't expect this to see play either. In a world where a deck consistently plays weapons on multiple characters (and not for almost free like Plo-padawans) it might be playable but it's just going to be a dead card in too many match-ups. For now Fall Back is just better at punishing a player for loading up on upgrades. 1/5


I think this character perfectly illustrates how overpowered Aphra is. Lando's power action is about on par with her passive that reduces the cost of a droid but he doesn't have the ability to draw extra cards and he costs an extra point and yellow vehicles is probably going to be a more narrow card pool than all droids. His pay 2 for 4 resources is either really good or terrible depending if your opponent rolled any disrupt sides. I think he's still going to be very good overall. 4/5

I assume L3-37 will be mostly played single dice. Usually if you play a single dice low point yellow character in 3-4 wide they'll murder him first because they want to disable your Easy Pickings and Into the Garbage Chute. Here if they do that then you get to trigger her ability which at worse means you don't lose her character dice and at best acts as a free Strategic Planning 4/5

Her dice is most similar to Maul which hasn't seen a lot of play. I don't think it's fair to compare her to Finn and Bo-Katan because faction specific events have historically been a lot better than neutral events while a lot of the best upgrades are neutral for some reason. Her ability might be a bit more relevant when set 7 comes out and all the great events from cycle 1 goes rotate from standard. Or if somebody figure out crazy combinations of cards. Paired with the No Allegiance plot you get a thematic pairing with the new Han Solo. I don't think a special that can sometimes deal 2 indirect, 1 disrupt and gain 1 resource is good enough of a payoff for running both characters but I could be wrong. 15/15 character pairings have shown themselves to be better in practice than on paper in the past. Also building a deck around Spirit of Rebellion and Investigate gets a lot better if you also have Friends in High Places to play cards from the top of your deck for free or delve to play the expensive cards you draw. And I'm sure there are much better combination of hero or villain events out there as well, in any case she opens up a lot of deck building possibilities. 3/5

This will probably give Hondo a second life. We'll see what other payoffs playing neutral only characters give other than Indifferent (spoiled bellow) and this. But obviously if you're playing neutral characters only you'll always play this plot, if you don't use the extra point you at least get the health. 5/5

You can't setup his ability with a Pulling the strings so you have to play a deck that's almost exclusively expensive cards if you want a good payoff from his special. You might be able to get his special to go off semi-reliably with Pryce but any 3 dice list is incredibly vulnerable to dice removal. And I think any Snoke vehicle deck is just better at putting expensive cards on the board and those decks don't force you to remove the doubts from your deck. 1/5

I think this is a pretty terrible card. Even if there was a villain character worth running solo with Calling in Favors I don't think this card would make it into that deck all the time. It's a dead card against mill and most vehicle decks. 1/5

Good economy cards can be played round 1. Tech team or it binds all things just pay for themselves the round you play them but then you'll gain a resource every other turn your use them. Here you need to have a big thing in play before you can use it. It's very similar to Friends in High Places, which has a powerful effect but is very unlikely to be playable round 1. Here you have to put an expensive card in play and then you also need to have 3 resources floating. At best if you're playing this round 2 because you played a big thing round 1 then it's a win more card, it might snowball a lead but it'll rarely put you into the lead. 2/5



Of the cards spoiled so far this one worries me the most. This is a build around card, but if you build around it, it's far above the power curve. We already know that Hero decks can draw their whole deck round 1 with a combination of Award ceremony, Don't Get Cocky, Long Con, Cheat, Renewed Purpose. Here's a decklist of a deck that does this. If that decks puts the X-Wing in as it's win condition instead of Launch Bay/Salvo it may not be able to win on round 1 as often, but I think it gains in consistency. I rate this card most likely to get an errata. 5/5

Nova Staff Challenge spoilers 8/30-9/1

Solo Falcon and Escape Craft are technically two different cards but really you're probably never going to pay for Escape Craft, it's just always going to come out with the Solo Falcon. It's nice that they're spreading the power of an expensive support over two dice, because big supports and big characters are very vulnerable to the tempo loss from dice removal. Somebody will be happy to pay a resource a round for 3 round to negate something you paid 6 for. But if you get 2 dice it's harder to tempo out.

But realistically this is only going to be played in a Hera deck. I've played a lot with Hera and it can be strong but her only really powerful rounds are when she puts a Quadjumper in play and than use that Quadjumper to permanently put another 3 cost vehicle into play or when she puts a 5 cost vehicle into play, use it and then recycle it. But both are very susceptible to discard. On the round where you put the Solo Falcon into play you get to roll in the Escape Craft with the Falcon, then you detach the Escape craft after using it's die, then you active it and you get to keep the Escape craft permanently. That's a lot of value out of the special of a 12 point character, even if you also had to use Maz to get it to go off. This has such a strong mechanical synergy with Hera, the role-player in me wishes these were the Ghost/Phantom. The mechanic would have very much worked for those ships as well. 5/5

I think this character is better than the old Qui-Gon. Converting shields to damage was good but this is better against an opponent that aims to win with damage. The character dice might not be that great when boosted as the 2 shield sides may turn into blanks if you're already loaded up on shields, but that he makes every upgrade on him better is really strong. We've already seen the power of just dealing 1 extra damage a round with Super Commandos, if he gets to increase the value of 2 dice a round on average I think he's going to be good. The only thing is I don't know how well this will do against mill or vehicle. 4/5

The ability will nearly always give you 1 shield each round and it's independent of it's dice. It's ability is similar to personal shield except it's not situational. It's just against mill that it's not a good weapon unless you're using this with Qui-Gon Jinn where you can turn the shields into damage. And on the new Qui-Gon you still need some shields against mill to enable his ability but old Qui-Gon might perform better against mill. 4/5

Red Jyn has a nice 30 points thematic pairing with Cassian which is also able to either mill/discard or deal damage. Her activation ability is obviously insane if you're playing mill but is also good if your win con is damage. You are likely to deny a key card from your opponent's next turn and you get information on what his hand will contain as well. I think it's entirely possible you could build a "switch" deck that goes for the damage win con against low health aggressive teams but switches to mill against 3-4 wide that play a ton of defensive cards. I don't think easy pickings being really good against her will prevent her from seeing play. 4/5

I don't think redeploy is as important as others have made it out to be but it's nice especially if your Jyn is getting focused first, you still get to play this on her and get that free reroll of her dices. But even if not played on Jyn this is basically just as good as Z6 Riot Batton which did see play in 5 dice villain decks. I don't think 1 mill plus the 1 discard side are good enough if you're playing pure mill but if you're playing a normal damage game all these potential mill effects might put pressure on your opponent not to discard and reroll. More good red hero weapons might make rearm great again. 4/5

If more decent mill villain droids are made maybe Aphra mill will be a thing at some point. Interrogation droid is fringe playable in an Aphra deck but probe droid is still pretty bad even when it costs 0. The drawback of giving the opponent a free action is a pretty small drawback, very similarly to Risky Move, giving your opponent a free action when they haven't planned around for it usually doesn't do much especially if you weren't going to be winning the claim anyways. The reason I think hero mill is so strong is that a lot of their milling comes from their characters which lets them spend on defensive tools. Or in the case of Anakin's Podracer, you get both a defensive tool and a mill card at the same time. This card is nowhere near that power level. 2/5 

Any dice removal card that has the potential to remove 2 dice for 1 resource is worth having a look at. In this case you're effectively removing a 1 focus dice and whatever it was used on. This is obviously strong against WotF Dooku, Mother Talzin and Yoda. Even if you're just removing 1/2 of a Yoda dice plus another dice it's a good deal. But not all decks have focus effects and in that case this is a dead card. Very much like how Rend is ridiculously overpowered against Chance Cube, it just doesn't see play because it's just too situational. So how often this card sees plays will depend a lot on the meta. 3/5


Spoilers released 7/18

Neutral Han

Gaining a resource is usually better than disrupting a resource, as your opponent often doesn't have any resources to disrupt, so I guess he plays better in a hero deck. He gets slightly better in a deck that has both hero and villain cards but right now there's no good pairing that lets him do that. Even then, one die side that gives you 2 indirect damage, 1 resource and 1 disrupt is probably not worth building around. Unlike Hondo, I don't think his special is impactful enough to be worth using a Yoda special to chain into it. 2/5


Iden Versio

This has a die about on par with other vanilla 15 point characters like Poe - More Than A Pilot and it has 1 more health. Plus the ability denies action chaining from your opponent most of the time. It feels very strong on paper but most good action chaining decks have been nerfed out of the meta game at this point. Also if the opponent has the battlefield they can choose to activate their character and do their action chaining before she has a chance to activate. I think that's one of those characters that will be very expensive at release and then will drop in value a lot afterwards. 3/5


 Kit Fisto

This guy is excellent. Even if his 3 melee is a pay side you can block up to 3 damage with it if you don't have the resource to pay for it. With 2 Honed Skills in play and 5 weapons on him, this guy is going to be pretty hard to kill. Very similar to Qui-Gon, he gets to use some of his dice either on offense or defense. 4/5


Black Sun Blaster Pistol

This has 3 decent side for a 3 cost weapon with redeploy. The phrasing of that special is neat as well, it might give your opponent pause on how to assign the indirect when there's 1 direct damage coming after. But most 3 cost upgrades with decent sides don't see play. 3/5


This is effectively an 8 cost support that you can pay in 2 resource increments. Often vehicle decks will run some engine that gives them a ton of resources and when it goes off you sometimes have more resources than you can spend. Other times your Thrawn dice get removed and you have to make due with just 2 resources that round. This card gives you a very flexible resource outlet. 4/5


Laser Turret

It's going to be so frustrating to have a hand with one or more mods turn 1 and no vehicle. To make up for that risk it seems mods will have an above average dice for it's cost. The spoiler article hints that the real payoff of mods is if you ready the vehicle you get to use that vehicle and all of it's mods again. Mods on General Grievous' Wheel Bike might be pretty good since his vehicle can ready itself and Ciena might see some play for her ability now. That seems strong but it's also extremely risky. You probably loose if your 1 vehicle with 3 mods on it gets vandalized. If mods only see play with effects that ready vehicles then you want dice with black sides so these bonus dices don't go unused. But it's hard to gauge without the full set so 3/5 for now.



It's a nice payoff for playing a neutral character. 1 resource remove any dice is a great tempo card. Very much like pinned down, this is almost always going to be included when the deck allows it. 5/5


Francis Desforges is the owner and manager of Bytown Traders as well as a fan of Star Wars: Destiny and expandable card games in general. In 2018 he won a 44 player SW:D regional in Laval and finished in the top 8 at the 2018 Canadian Nationals which had 70 participants.
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  • Mat Richards - September 04, 2018

    Very nice write-up. I agree for the most part with your ratings, but I see Iden seeing lots of play. Her ability is great even in a non-action cheating meta then it combos well with her droid and cards like Risky Move. There is also room to grow, like how Aphra got much better with WotF. I love the Blue heroes, I almost hope they don’t see much play so people won’t build anti-shield tech!!

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