Across the Galaxy Spoilers (Updated 9/4)

Across the Galaxy Spoilers (Updated 9/4)

Here's a review of the new cards announced for Across the Galaxy the upcoming Star Wars:Destiny expansion releasing in November 2018. This post will be updated as more spoilers are released. I wrote a little review of each card with a score. 1/5 is for cards that are unlikely to see play even in their intended niche, 2/5 could see some play, 3/5 seems like a fair card but it's not going to break the meta, 4/5 is likely to see a lot of play, 5/5 I think the card will be an auto include in it's niche, even if that card is only playable with one character.


Of the cards spoiled so far this one worries me the most. This is a build around card, but if you build around it, it's far above the power curve. We already know that Hero decks can draw their whole deck round 1 with a combination of Award ceremony, Don't Get Cocky, Long Con, Cheat, Renewed Purpose. Here's a decklist of a deck that does this. If that decks puts the X-Wing in as it's win condition instead of Launch Bay/Salvo it may not be able to win on round 1 as often, but I think it gains in consistency. 5/5

Nova Staff Challenge spoilers 8/30-9/1

Solo Falcon and Escape Craft are technically two different cards but really you're probably never going to pay for Escape Craft, it's just always going to come out with the Solo Falcon. It's nice that they're spreading the power of an expensive support over two dice, because big supports and big characters are very vulnerable to the tempo loss from dice removal. Somebody will be happy to pay a resource a round for 3 round to negate something you paid 6 for. But if you get 2 dice it's harder to tempo out.

But realistically this is only going to be played in a Hera deck. I've played a lot with Hera and it can be strong but her only really powerful rounds are when she puts a Quadjumper in play and than use that Quadjumper to permanently put another 3 cost vehicle into play or when she puts a 5 cost vehicle into play, use it and then recycle it. But both are very susceptible to discard. On the round where you put the Solo Falcon into play you get to roll in the Escape Craft with the Falcon, then you detach the Escape craft after using it's die, then you active it and you get to keep the Escape craft permanently. That's a lot of value out of the special of a 12 point character, even if you also had to use Maz to get it to go off. This has such a strong mechanical synergy with Hera, the role-player in me wishes these were the Ghost/Phantom. The mechanic would have very much worked for those ships as well. 5/5

I think this character is better than the old Qui-Gon. Converting shields to damage was good but this is better against an opponent that aims to win with damage. The character dice might not be that great when boosted as the 2 shield sides may turn into blanks if you're already loaded up on shields, but that he makes every upgrade on him better is really strong. We've already seen the power of just dealing 1 extra damage a round with Super Commandos, if he gets to increase the value of 2 dice a round on average I think he's going to be good. The only thing is I don't know how well this will do against mill or vehicle. 4/5

The ability will nearly always give you 1 shield each round and it's independent of it's dice. It's ability is similar to personal shield except it's not situational. It's just against mill that it's not a good weapon unless you're using this with Qui-Gon Jinn where you can turn the shields into damage. And on the new Qui-Gon you still need some shields against mill to enable his ability but old Qui-Gon might perform better against mill. 4/5

Red Jyn has a nice 30 points thematic pairing with Cassian which is also able to either mill/discard or deal damage. Her activation ability is obviously insane if you're playing mill but is also good if your win con is damage. You are likely to deny a key card from your opponent's next turn and you get information on what his hand will contain as well. I think it's entirely possible you could build a "switch" deck that goes for the damage win con against low health aggressive teams but switches to mill against 3-4 wide that play a ton of defensive cards. I don't think easy pickings being really good against her will prevent her from seeing play. 4/5

I don't think redeploy is as important as others have made it out to be but it's nice especially if your Jyn is getting focused first, you still get to play this on her and get that free reroll of her dices. But even if not played on Jyn this is basically just as good as Z6 Riot Batton which did see play in 5 dice villain decks. I don't think 1 mill plus the 1 discard side are good enough if you're playing pure mill but if you're playing a normal damage game all these potential mill effects might put pressure on your opponent not to discard and reroll. More good red hero weapons might make rearm great again. 4/5

If more decent mill villain droids are made maybe Aphra mill will be a thing at some point. Interrogation droid is fringe playable in an Aphra deck but probe droid is still pretty bad even when it costs 0. The drawback of giving the opponent a free action is a pretty small drawback, very similarly to Risky Move, giving your opponent a free action when they haven't planned around for it usually doesn't do much especially if you weren't going to be winning the claim anyways. The reason I think hero mill is so strong is that a lot of their milling comes from their characters which lets them spend on defensive tools. Or in the case of Anakin's Podracer, you get both a defensive tool and a mill card at the same time. This card is nowhere near that power level. 2/5 

Any dice removal card that has the potential to remove 2 dice for 1 resource is worth having a look at. In this case you're effectively removing a 1 focus dice and whatever it was used on. This is obviously strong against WotF Dooku, Mother Talzin and Yoda. Even if you're just removing 1/2 of a Yoda dice plus another dice it's a good deal. But not all decks have focus effects and in that case this is a dead card. Very much like how Rend is ridiculously overpowered against Chance Cube, it just doesn't see play because it's just too situational. So how often this card sees plays will depend a lot on the meta. 3/5

Gencon spoilers

At the in-flight report they showed two pictures that did show new cards and dice but unfortunately they didn't focus on any of the cards so it's hard to make them out. I'll update the spoilers for these when we have the full card information.

Looks like a new red BB-8, a shield and a focus is a decent start. Hopefully this costs 1 and has some nice ability.

Looks like it's a new Vader. Hopefully 5 of his dice sides end up being good for his cost and he has a good ability that's independent from his dice. High cost characters aren't good right now because they tend to only have one good dice side for their cost and they're very vulnerable to dice removal.

A third Slave 1. Hopefully this one is good.



As I read it: _ this die is rerolled by a card _ you may discard the top _ of your deck  to resolve it, _ value by 1. So I'm guessing there's going to be Nightbrother/Nightsister synergy just before Nightsister rotates out of standard with the next set. This looks to be somewhat similar to There Is No Try, which so far has seen very little competitive play.

Spoilers released 7/18

Neutral Han

Gaining a resource is usually better than disrupting a resource, as your opponent often doesn't have any resources to disrupt, so I guess he plays better in a hero deck. He gets slightly better in a deck that has both hero and villain cards but right now there's no good pairing that lets him do that. Even then, one die side that gives you 2 indirect damage, 1 resource and 1 disrupt is probably not worth building around. Unlike Hondo, I don't think his special is impactful enough to be worth using a Yoda special to chain into it. 2/5


Iden Versio

This has a die about on par with other vanilla 15 point characters like Poe - More Than A Pilot and it has 1 more health. Plus the ability denies action chaining from your opponent most of the time. It feels very strong on paper but most good action chaining decks have been nerfed out of the meta game at this point. Also if the opponent has the battlefield they can choose to activate their character and do their action chaining before she has a chance to activate. I think that's one of those characters that will be very expensive at release and then will drop in value a lot afterwards. 3/5


 Kit Fisto

This guy is excellent. Even if his 3 melee is a pay side you can block up to 3 damage with it if you don't have the resource to pay for it. With 2 Honed Skills in play and 5 weapons on him, this guy is going to be pretty hard to kill. Very similar to Qui-Gon, he gets to use some of his dice either on offense or defense. 4/5


Black Sun Blaster Pistol

This has 3 decent side for a 3 cost weapon with redeploy. The phrasing of that special is neat as well, it might give your opponent pause on how to assign the indirect when there's 1 direct damage coming after. But most 3 cost upgrades with decent sides don't see play. 3/5


This is effectively an 8 cost support that you can pay in 2 resource increments. Often vehicle decks will run some engine that gives them a ton of resources and when it goes off you sometimes have more resources than you can spend. Other times your Thrawn dice get removed and you have to make due with just 2 resources that round. This card gives you a very flexible resource outlet. 4/5


Laser Turret

It's going to be so frustrating to have a hand with one or more mods turn 1 and no vehicle. To make up for that risk it seems mods will have an above average dice for it's cost. The spoiler article hints that the real payoff of mods is if you ready the vehicle you get to use that vehicle and all of it's mods again. Mods on General Grievous' Wheel Bike might be pretty good since his vehicle can ready itself and Ciena might see some play for her ability now. That seems strong but it's also extremely risky. You probably loose if your 1 vehicle with 3 mods on it gets vandalized. If mods only see play with effects that ready vehicles then you want dice with black sides so these bonus dices don't go unused. But it's hard to gauge without the full set so 3/5 for now.



It's a nice payoff for playing a neutral character. 1 resource remove any dice is a great tempo card. Very much like pinned down, this is almost always going to be included when the deck allows it. 5/5


Francis Desforges is the owner and manager of Bytown Traders as well as a fan of Star Wars: Destiny and expandable card games in general. In 2018 he won a 44 player SW:D regional in Laval and finished in the top 8 at the 2018 Canadian Nationals which had 70 participants.
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  • Mat Richards - September 04, 2018

    Very nice write-up. I agree for the most part with your ratings, but I see Iden seeing lots of play. Her ability is great even in a non-action cheating meta then it combos well with her droid and cards like Risky Move. There is also room to grow, like how Aphra got much better with WotF. I love the Blue heroes, I almost hope they don’t see much play so people won’t build anti-shield tech!!

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