Destiny buylist, X-Wing 2.0 and Keyforge (Updated 9/14)

We've just added a Buylist for Star Wars: Destiny. Check it out if you're looking to get new cards but would rather trade for them instead of paying cash.

X-Wing 2.0 is releasing tomorrow. Anything purchased today will ship tomorrow. I'm also working on breaking up the conversion kits for those that don't want to buy the whole thing. X-Wing 2.0 singles will be up tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Update 9/13: All the cards from the Rebel Alliance conversion kit are now available as singles. I ended up dividing it into 108 products which took a lot longer than expected. The Imperial and Scum stuff will be added tomorrow 9/14.

Update 9/14 The Galactic Empire singles have been added. Scum tomorrow.

Lots of people were searching for Keyforge so I've put up Keyforge products for pre-order. We'll sell opened decks once the game releases.

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