Boba Fett, Starter Set

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This product is a Boba Fett Starter Set that contains one copy of 24 different cards and 9 dice.

This product is not a blind buy and so always contains the following cards:

2x Boba Fett (1 card, 2 dice)
1x Veteran Stormtrooper
1x Arid Wasteland
1x Take Flight
1x Crackdown
1x Crash Landing
1x Quick Draw
1x Ice Storm
1x Backup Specialist
1x Superior Position
1x Face-off
1x Locked and Loaded
1x Hunting Rifle
1x Battle Fatigue
1x Rumors
1x Subdue
1x Imperial Might
1x Entangle
1x Hunter Instinct
1x 74-Z Speeder Bike
1x Hidden Blaster
1x Wrist Rockets
1x Slave1