Core set - Lion Clan Pack

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1 copy of each of these cards:

Akodo Gunsō  
♦ Akodo Toturi  
For Greater Glory  
Guidance of the Ancestors  
Honored Blade  
Honored General  
♦ Ikoma Eiji  
Ikoma Prodigy  
Kitsu Spiritcaller  
Lion’s Pride Brawler  
Master of the Spear  
♦ Matsu Beiona  
Matsu Berserker  
Obstinate Recruit  
Ready for Battle  
Staging Ground  
Stand Your Ground  
Steadfast Samurai  
Strength in Numbers  
The Art of War  
Venerable Historian  
Vengeful Oathkeeper  
Way of the Lion  
Yōjin no Shiro  

These are all of the Lion clan cards in the L5R core set (L5C01)