Core set - Phoenix Clan Pack

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1 copy of each of these cards:

Adept of the Waves  
Against the Waves  
Asako Diplomat  
Display of Power  
Fearsome Mystic  
Forgotten Library  
Grasp of Earth  
♦ Isawa Atsuko  
♦ Isawa Masahiro  
Isawa Mori Seidō  
Ishiken Initiate  
Know the World  
Kuroi Mori  
Magnificent Kimono  
Meddling Mediator  
Naive Student  
Radiant Orator  
Seeker of Knowledge  
Serene Warrior  
Shiba Peacemaker  
♦ Shiba Tsukune  
Shiba Yōjimbō  
Solemn Scholar  
Supernatural Storm  
Way of the Phoenix

These are all of the Phoenix clan cards in the L5R core set (L5C01)