Core set - 1x and 3x Neutrals

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1 copy of each of these cards:

Keeper/Seeker of Air (Double sided card)

Keeper/Seeker of Earth (Double sided card)

Keeper/Seeker of Fire (Double sided card)

Keeper/Seeker of Water (Double sided card)

Keeper/Seeker of Void (Double sided card)

Reference cards

Ancestral Lands

Elemental Fury

Entrenched Position

Fertile Fields

Manicured Garden

Meditation on the Tao

Night Raid


Rally to the Cause

Shameful Display

And 3 copies of each of these cards:

Otomo Courtier

Seppun Guardsman

Miya Mystic

Wandering Ronin

These are all the neutral cards in the set that you either get 1 copy of and those you get 3 copies of. The 1x are the role cards and the province cards and you only ever need one of these. You should only need these if you didn't buy any core sets at all, as you effectively get a playset of all of these in each core set.