Core set - Scorpion Clan Pack

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1 copy of each of these cards:

Adept of Shadows  
Bayushi Liar  
Bayushi Manipulator  
♦ Bayushi Shoju  
♦ Bayushi Yunako  
Blackmail Artist  
Calling in Favors  
City of Lies  
City of the Open Hand  
Court Mask  
Favored Niece  
Fiery Madness  
Forged Edict  
I Can Swim  
Secret Cache  
Shosuro Actress  
♦ Shosuro Miyako  
Sinister Soshi  
Soshi Illusionist  
Unassuming Yōjimbō  
Way of the Scorpion  
♦ Yogo Hiroue  
Yogo Outcast  
Young Rumormonger  

These are all of the Scorpion clan cards in the L5R core set (L5C01)