Luke Skywalker, Starter Set

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This product is a Luke Skywalker Starter Set that contains one copy of 24 different cards and 9 dice.

This product is not a blind buy and so always contains the following cards:

2x Luke Skywalker (1 card, 2 dice)
1x Han Solo
1x Outer Rim Outpost
1x Quickdraw Holster
1x Bamboozle
1x Dangerous Maneuver
1x Hasty Exit
1x Maz's Vault
1x Smuggler's Run
1x Impulsive
1x Invigorate
1x Mislead
1x Perseverance
1x The Force is With Me
1x Hunting Rifle
1x R2-D2
1x Heightened Awareness
1x Hidden Blaster
1x Force Focus
1x Alter
1x Bravado
1x Heirloom Lightsaber
1x Millenium Falcon