Rivals Draft Set

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This product is needed to play in draft and sealed events, which are tournaments where you have to play with the product you open from boosters and a Rival draft set. This product contains 20 fixed cards and 9 dice. After mixing with 6 boosters in draft or 8 boosters in sealed you're guaranteed to have enough characters, battlefield and other cards to build a deck. You can re-use your Rivals draft set for multiple draft and sealed events. The cards are also usable in constructed play.

You get one of each of the following cards:

 Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice
 Lobot - Cyborg Aide
 Ketsu Onyo - Black Sun Operative
 Jawa Scavenger
 Hidden Motive
 Crafted Lightsaber
 Targeting Computer
 Fang Fighter
 Verpine Sniper Rifle
 Fight Back
 Surprise Attack
 Supply Pack
 T-21 Repeating Blaster
 Bespin Wing Guard
 Dry Fields - Atollon
 Sith Temple - Malachor

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